How to Curve Text in Google Slides

How to Curve Text in Google Slides

Learn the art of curving text in Google Slides with our easy-to-follow guide. Create visually stunning presentations today in Google Slides.


Curve Text in Google Slides

1Open a new Google Slide to start working on your presentation.
2In the top menu, click on “Extensions,” then select “Apps Script.”
3Extract the files from the provided zip package.
4Using Notepad, open the “” file from the extracted package.
5Copy the content of the “” file and paste it into the Apps Script editor.
6Click the plus icon to create a new HTML file named “dlg.html.”
7Copy the content of “dlg.html” from the package and paste it into the newly created “dlg.html” file.
8Save the extension by clicking the save button (floppy disk icon).
9Return to your Google Slide; a new entry called “Curved Text” should be visible in the top menu.
10Click on “Curved Text” and choose “Add New.”
11Authorize the script to make changes to your Google Slide.
12A sidebar will appear on the right; input your text and choose a curve radius.
13Click the “Add” button to add a new curved text element to your presentation.
14You can adjust the curve radius for different effects.
15Modify the curved text element as needed, including position, font size, and other properties.
16Save your presentation.
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How to curve text in Google Slides

Curve Text in Canvas

Learn to curve text in Google Slides with ease! Follow our step-by-step guide to add a creative twist to your presentations. Start styling now!

1Open your Google Slides presentation.
2Click on the text box or create a new one where you want curved text.
3Go to the "Format" menu.
4Select "Text effects" and choose "Transform."
5Choose the desired curve style from the options.
6Adjust the curve handle to modify the curvature if available.
7Click "Apply" to confirm the curved text.
Curve Text in Google Slides