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Double Door Black Refrigerator with Freezer 2024

Upgrade your kitchen with a stylish Double Door Black Refrigerator with Freezer. Spacious, energy-efficient, and perfect for any home. Shop now Black Refrigerator.

Upstreman 4.0 Black Refrigerator

Compact yet spacious, the Upstreman 4.0 Cu.Ft. fridge fits an office or dorm. Double doors, freezer, & adjustable thermostat for easy cooling. Shop now

Product Information

Product Dimensions17.91″D x 17.91″W x 45.27″H
Capacity4 Cubic Feet
Configuration1 √ó User Manual; one-year quality service
Special FeatureCompact
Installation TypeFreestanding
Number of Doors2
Defrost SystemManual
Finish TypeMatte
Black Refrigerator
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Black Refrigerator 3
Black Refrigerator 4

Product Features

Adjustable TemperaturesVariable temperature settings provide storage conditions for food and beverages. Refrigerator temperature ranges from 33.8 F to 46.4 F, while the freezer temperature is maintained at -0.4 F. Refrigerator has LED lights that turn on automatically when the door is opened.
Large CapacityThis mini refrigerator with freezer measures 17.71 inches * 17.71 inches * 45.27 inches (W * D * H) and offers a 3.04 cubic foot cooler and 1 cubic foot freezer in separate compartments. Perfect for personal use in dorm, office, and bedroom.
Energy EfficientThe Upstreman 4.0 cu. ft. compact refrigerator offers large storage space in a small footprint, operates at a low noise level of 38 dB, and costs only $0.10 per day. Suitable for dorm, office, and bedroom.
Reversible Doors & Adjustable LegThe reversible door allows opening from either the right or left side. Adjustable legs keep the refrigerator stable on uneven floors, suitable for garages, balconies, or other places with uneven foundations.
Removable Shelves & Crisper DrawerEquipped with removable shelves for adjustable storage. The freshness drawer helps keep vegetables and fruits moist and juicy.

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