Hot Glue Gun

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Hot Glue Gun

A hot glue gun dispenses hot melt adhesive onto surfaces. It consists of a glue gun, a trigger, and a heating element. The glue gun heats a solid glue stick until it becomes molten and the molten glue is forced out through a nozzle at the gun’s tip.

Product Information

StyleThermal, Protection, Safety
Power SourceCorded Electric
Wattage20 watts

Glue Gun Features

Super-Fast HeatingThis Glue Gun takes 3 to 5 minutes to warm up and fits 7mm-diameter glue sticks, keeping the temperature constant automatically.
Anti-drip and Heat ResistantThermal Insulated Cap on glue gun is covered by heat-resistant rubber to prevent burns. Anti-drip nozzle releases glue smoothly with no drips or glops and is easy to control and place a small amount of glue.
Easy to Use and OperatePress the trigger of glue gun to release melted glue, safety fuse offers overheating protection. The Longer Anti-drip nozzle allows you to be more precise when it comes to hot gluing something.
Ultimate Convenience and SafeThis glue gun has the Fold-up holder and it makes the glue gun stand steady on the bench top for better use. The on and off power switch makes it safe for your children.
Set Creativity FreeThis mini glue gun is capable of bonding multiple materials together, which is ideal for DIY crafts and arts with unlimited imagination and endless fun.

How to Use a Hot Glue Gun?

Here are the simple and easy steps to use a Hot Glue Gun:

1Plug in the hot glue gun and wait for it to heat up. The front area of the tip will become hot.
2Be cautious of the hot temperature. The glue gun reaches its maximum temperature fairly quickly.
3Slightly push the trigger to start pushing glue through the gun. The glue will melt at the tip.
4If low on glue or reloading, insert a new glue stick from the back until it touches the existing one.
5Continuously push the trigger lightly to dispense hot glue. Adjust pressure to control the amount.
6Apply the hot glue on the desired surface while it is still hot to glue objects together.
7Allow the glued items to dry. Exercise caution as the hot glue can cause burns.
8Be mindful of the different uses for a hot glue gun, such as crafting, repairs, and assembly.
9Handle the hot glue gun with care, and always unplug it when not in use to ensure safety.

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